In May, we spent a couple of weeks camping in Suffolk. The sun was shining but a chilly wind meant I left my shorts and tee-shirt packed, preferring trousers and a fleece.

Compared with our home county of Devon, Suffolk is very flat. It must be one of the few areas in Britain where much of the land is lower than the rivers that meander through it. There is an irony in this as I am finishing this post near Arnhem in the Netherlands!
Here’s a short post on Southwold.

We arrived in Southwold on a murky day and headed for the coast and free on-road parking near the lighthouse.

To the South, we could just make out the dome of the nuclear power station at Sizewell.

A stroll into the town centre proved a delight of narrow streets and a mix of Georgian and Victorian houses. The main street has some grand buildings and an eclectic mix of traditional shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants of all styles, and houses.

An epic place for wandering, the hoppy, malty smell in the air reminds the first-time visitor that Southwold is home to Adnam’s brewery.

A short walk from the town is the harbour – a series of jetties and stages along the river Blyth. We arrived just before high tide when the river was very fast-flowing and very high.
Definitely not a swimming area!

It’s a very busy harbour with fisherman’s huts selling the day’s catch, a fish restaurant / fishmonger and a fish and chip shop.
The front of the Harbour Inn shows the flood level in 1953.

There’s a sense of humour here…

A little further on, a footbridge crosses the river, which meanders across the flat land.

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